Day Trips to Sandhamn and Uppsala

Thanks to my host family’s recommendation, two friends and I ventured to Sandhamn last weekend. Sandhamn is the outer-most island in Stockholm’s archipelago. Bright and early on Saturday morning, we took a two-hour ferry through the archipelago to get to Sandhamn. Unfortunately, it was a cold and foggy ride; however, we could see some red houses on the shoreline.

Once we arrived, we were starving, so we ventured to one of four restaurants, Dykarbaren, located on the island. I got a quintessential Swedish meal of meatballs with lingonberries and pickled cucumbers. I have grown up eating Swedish meatballs on Christmas Eve, so it’s exciting to try some in Sweden. After enjoying our meal, we went exploring around the island.

The Swedish meatballs I enjoyed on Sandhamn
Some of the Swedish cottages that I dream of owning!

We wander through the streets filled with summer cottages and fishing sheds. Many of the homes were stereotypically Swedish red. I will dream of owning my own red, Swedish cottage some day!

We then made it into the forest on the island. The forest is filled with tall pine trees and walking paths. In many ways, Sandhamn reminded me of Maine; wooden houses, nature to explore, and a slower pace of life. After a quick fika in one of the cafés, we hopped on the ferry back to the mainland, and the sun came out! With the sun burning off the fog, we were able to see Stockholm’s many archipelago islands.

After the sun came out, we were able to see other islands and summer cottages in the archipelago. This is a photo of homes on Vaxholm, an archipelago island about 45 minutes from Stockholm.

Then yesterday, a friend and I went to Uppsala. We are in the midst of core course week, and we had a free day yesterday before we traveled to Göteborg. We had a 45 minute trip on the commuter train to Uppsala. One of the people at DIS has an American friend who is directly enrolled at Uppsala University, so she and her roommate could show us around the city!

Sunny Uppsala! The orange buildings are one of Uppsala University’s “nations.”

We began by exploring the town, going to the public library, seeing the castle, and searching for postcards. We then went to one of Uppsala University’s “nations.” The “nations” are like the States’ fraternities and sororities; they provide social activities, clubs, and bars to their members. We had lunch at the “nation” and took in Sweden’s last few days of sunny, warm weather. Uppsala felt very different to Stockholm; it was less congested and less formal. It was also eye-opening to see a Swedish university and the amenities it provided to their student.

Streets of Uppsala

Even though Stockholm has a lot to offer, it has been fun and exciting to venture outside the city and see the surrounding areas! I feel lucky that Stockholm is a central location, making it easy to take trips to other parts of Sweden.

More day trips to come!

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